Our professional staff meet the contemporary needs of children and families through a blend of counseling, education, recreation, and supportive living environments. In all programming, the staff provide both safe and therapeutic programs for each individual's growth and learning.

Services are strictly confidential and offered regardless of race, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, country of origin, age, or handicap.


Therapeutic services to help children, adults, and families identify and understand areas of concern and makes steps towards establishing a healthy approach to everyday life and relationships.

Program goals:
• Strengthen family relationships
• Heal effects of abuse and trauma
• Recover from life changing events
• Enhance parenting skills
• Manage everyday stressors
• Improve behavioral issues


Treatment designed for children and adolescents, ages 6-18, who have experienced abuse, trauma, or mental illness, helping them build healthy relationships with families, peers, and community.

Get help with:
• Coping Skills
• Behavioral Issues
• Healthy Boundaries
• Depression  Anxiety
• Mental Illness
• Anger Management
• Emotional Expression
• Academic Achievement
• Life Preparedness Skills
• Social Skills


Opportunities School is a state-approved program designed to accommodate students who have had challenges at their home school. This program is an alternative to dropping out or expulsion for students struggling with emotional, learning, and behavioral issues.

• Certified Educators
• Individualized Learning Plans
• Caring Support Staff
• Trained Counselors

Behavior Management Training

Boys and Girls Home provides behavioral management training for health care and school staff as well as Foster parents.