Who we are.

Opportunities School is a program designed to accommodate students who have not exhibited successful participation within their home schools. The school provides an alternative setting that allows students another chance to succeed.

We work directly with each student’s home school, allowing them to stay on track with their required course work and credits in order to successfully complete their education.

Students referred by a home school will be required to meet program goals that not only lead to successful academic achievement, but also their overall success.

Children we Educate.

The Opportunities School is an alternative school program that  provides an educational option for area schools to help prevent long term suspensions or expulsions.

The smaller, more structured environment helps students with:

High Anxiety

History of being bullies

Mental health issues

Behavioral issues

Low attendance rate

Clients in Residential Care

Kids in school

Program Benifits.

The program is specifically designed to provide students with the attention they need to succeed and includes:

Self contained classrooms

Smaller class sizes

Individualized class work

One-on-one support

Life and social skills training

Community based field trips

Group learning opportunities

Mental health intervention