Where we are.

Family Services has moved to the new Ginny Peterson Behavioral Health Campus at 1551 Indian Hills Drive, Building C. Upper Level.  Please call us at 712-293-4900 with any questions.


Who we are.

Family Services provides mental health services to children and families. At the heart of the organization is a team of highly experienced, licensed therapists and a psychiatrist who are equipped to provide tools necessary to navigate life.

Our services are dedicated to ensuring that we help individuals of all ages and backgrounds overcome problems interfering with daily life.

Assistance is provided in a variety of settings including individual, group, couple and family counseling.

Good Faith Estimate Notice

Program Goals.

Programs are specifically designed to provide individuals with the attention they need to succeed and includes strategies to help:

Strengthen family relationships

Heal the effects of abuse and trauma

Recover from life changing events

Enhance parenting skills

Manage everyday stressors

Improve behavioral issues



Mental Health Services

Our Services

We offer an array of services that focus on an individual's need to lead to a healthier lifestyle.

Adoption Issues


Attention Deficit Hyperactivity (ADHD)

Autism Spectrum Disorder

Bipolar Disorder

Couple Counseling


Disruptive Behaviors

Domestic Violence

Faith Based Counseling

Family Counseling

Grief & Loss Counseling

Individual Counseling

Juvenile Problematic Sexual Behavior

Parent Child Interactive Therapy

Physical, Sexual Abuse & Neglect

Post Partum Depression

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

Pre-marital Counseling

Self-harming Behavior

Suicidal Thoughts

Our Specialty Services

In addition to our regular services, we also offer a variety of specialties focused on helping individual needs.

Court Ordered Anger Management

Classes that help an individual learn how to manage their anger to lead to a healthier lifestyle.

Eye Movement Desensitization And Reprocessing (EMDR)

A psychotherapy treatment used to treat trauma by diminishing negative feelings associated with memories of a traumatic event.

Registered Play Therapy for Children

Appropriate for children 3-12, play therapy is an alternative to regular therapy to help children    express their emotions.

Iowa Domestic Abuse Education

A program designed to help individuals learn to recognize their anger and cope with it.

Trauma Focuses

Addresses the emotional and mental needs of   individuals struggling with the destructive effects of trauma.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

A type of psychotherapy that helps boost happiness by modifying emotions, behaviors and thoughts.

Sex Offender Treatment Program (SOTP)

An intensive program that assists sex offenders and provides immediate feedback.


When Things aren't going well


This program is dedicated to your mental health wellness and brought to you by Family Services, a United Way partner-agency. Each week we will discuss various topics regarding mental wellness. We hope that our “help you to help yourself” approach to mental wellness will aid you to navigate the tough times.

If you have a question or topic that you would like addressed on the show, please click here to complete an anonymous form.

This program is not intended to replace the treatment given by doctors or other clinical providers.  Everyone should always consult with their practitioners to insure the proper course of action.

WTAGW Website Table

Episode Date Topic Link
181 8-Jun Athletes and Mental Health (RERUN) https://youtu.be/Rug8-WwZn5Q
180 1-Jun Seniors and Mental Health (RERUN) https://youtu.be/coHaf_j5nag
179 25-May Going off the Grid (RERUN) https://youtu.be/SOMreDWvaks
178 18-May Self Harm and Youth (RERUN) https://youtu.be/FodgDkhdbRQ 
177 11-May What's Happening with Mental Health for Children (RERUN) https://youtu.be/IKvX7lXTA74
176 4-May Mental Health Awareness Month https://youtu.be/fD5aypy4BwU
175 27-Apr Technical Difficulties
174 20-Apr Nutrition and Mental Health (RERUN) https://youtu.be/XixEHA9vmng
173 13-Apr Faith and Mental Wellness (RERUN) https://youtu.be/0U2HaXJ-g2A
172 6-Apr Faith and Mental Wellness (RERUN) https://youtu.be/D6QnCghnDvw
171 30-Mar Music and Mental Health https://youtu.be/OXwbu66opIs
170 23-Mar Cybersecurity: What You Need to Know https://youtu.be/9KBovxhMXh0
169 16-Mar 10 Reasons to Pay Attention to Mental Health https://youtu.be/kzVJtxDdf1w
168 9-Mar Stress and Families https://youtu.be/_orxhWtLM5c
167 2-Mar Grief https://youtu.be/gv4fxbrqp68
166 24-Feb Self Harm and Youth https://youtu.be/PIFDy4b7S8A
165 17-Feb Face Off for Charity https://youtu.be/_63-Bz4I8Dc
164 10-Feb Single on Valentine's Day https://youtu.be/YyZJXrGwCWQ
163 3-Feb What to Expect from Therapy https://youtu.be/il3mb-4-90s
162 27-Jan STUFF https://youtu.be/GAldxj0kDkE
161 20-Jan Self Confidence https://youtu.be/qBElN9JKcJA
160 13-Jan Going Off Grid https://youtu.be/XynJOQP-haU
159 6-Jan Care Givers and Mental Wellness https://youtu.be/jpsrC2fo59k
158 30-Dec Yoga https://youtu.be/BDT5Y2oP3Es
157 23-Dec Holiday Mental Health https://youtu.be/s6Do4oO7r0g
156 16-Dec Girls Inc - Mental Health Discussion https://youtu.be/FMMiWco7lWc
155 9-Dec Holidays and Mental Health Wellness https://youtu.be/gdKaiGTxak8
154 2-Dec Siouxland Well Being Report https://youtu.be/eZcd_tPeWwU
153 25-Nov Random Acts of Kindness (RERUN) https://youtu.be/eHUw5qh9q2A
152 18-Nov Retail Therapy & Compulsive Shopping (RERUN) https://youtu.be/LBJgUREtd5g
151 11-Nov Mental Health Roundtable https://youtu.be/4HeiXiuECNY
150 4-Nov How to Talk to Your Kids About the News https://youtu.be/iqRqaCW5Ot8
149 28-Oct Trick or Treating Safety https://youtu.be/exnLoKLLJ28
148 21-Oct 4-H and Mental Health https://youtu.be/oOUzBIPiZ0M
147 14-Oct Head Start Awareness Month https://youtu.be/AvbDBynOv-c
146 7-Oct Community Policing https://youtu.be/tIpumbcOH9Y
145 30-Sep Tailgating for our Kids 2023 https://youtu.be/_4zkH0YklFM
144 23-Sep Fareway Round-Up 2023 https://youtu.be/DXFEPHTnvLY
143 16-Sep Self Confidence https://youtu.be/IpFzkKeT6Bc
142 9-Sep New Child and Adolescent Center https://youtu.be/UjWEWcAWPdU
141 2-Sep Music and Mental Health https://youtu.be/60V2PzqwQt8
140 26-Aug What's Happening with Mental Health for Children https://youtu.be/iy5hjoYziMY
139 19-Aug Boys & Girls Club Teen Center https://youtu.be/Kx-xQi2ryhU
138 12-Aug Back to School: Yoga https://youtu.be/Gv5S-joH4yQ
137 5-Aug Back to School: Children and School Stress https://youtu.be/nMV3nVz0U7E
136 29-Jul Girls Inc https://youtu.be/I1tL6nGLHRw
135 22-Jul Rivercade Royalty https://youtu.be/D3AVusXizBs
134 15-Jul Summer Activities for Kids https://youtu.be/xRjthTQJ9pY
133 8-Jul Heartland Counseling https://youtu.be/lBdsyg5kAPs
132 1-Jul Seniors and Mental Health https://youtu.be/BS5xlsoBkso
131 24-Jun Family Vacations https://youtu.be/ILCVxxXEL-Y
130 17-Jun Girls Inc https://youtu.be/VH5DkCE-roE
129 10-Jun Celebrities Breaking the Mental Health Stigma https://youtu.be/mKgcNJ85Mpw
128 3-Jun Mental Health Self-Assessment https://youtu.be/SQMhkv69jDs
127 27-May The Y is good for your mental health https://youtu.be/NLtPYr-HFBI
126 20-May Nutrition and Mental Health https://youtu.be/cuZFh0Nk2bc
125 13-May Mothers and Mental Health https://youtu.be/2mEN3tF1G4w
124 6-May Art for the Heart https://youtu.be/nmHFrEF-Nvs
123 29-Apr Together for Mental Health https://youtu.be/09G2lQnQ52M
122 22-Apr Ginny Peterson Behavioral Health Campus Update https://youtu.be/kK7FhjePrh4
121 15-Apr Art for the Heart https://youtu.be/2Ag_0zFfrTk
120 13-Apr Substance Abuse and Mental Health https://youtu.be/GBND2Zb92s0
119 1-Apr How to Talk to Your Kids About the News https://youtu.be/Vhw9US70j7c
118 25-Mar Big Brothers/Big Sisters https://youtu.be/eZBd0CuB4Z4
117 18-Mar CDC Survey Results Youth Risk Behavior https://youtu.be/9LFUFtDG0KY
116 11-Mar Camp High Hopes https://youtu.be/J0C2FE0NDWU
115 4-Mar New and Improved Stuff Thriftique https://youtu.be/eB5rnEQOlM8
114 25-Feb Community Policing https://youtu.be/RZFlq74-lbQ
113 18-Feb Growing Community Connections https://youtu.be/CFKcg7CsS6A
112 11-Feb Stress and Families https://youtu.be/V1671E7Cb9c
111 4-Feb 2023 Face Off for Charity https://youtu.be/tHtNVffEYnc
110 28-Jan Face Off for Charity Through the Years https://youtu.be/Gpaen8cg-So
109 21-Jan What is a PMIC https://youtu.be/xZlmorw2H4k
108 14-Jan Family Stress https://youtu.be/aPVc4-Iwiko
107 7-Jan #1 Mental Health Resolution - Yoga https://youtu.be/b0ykLIalK_4
106 31-Dec Being Alone - REPEAT https://youtu.be/zX_n4uMGiUY
105 17-Dec STUFF Thrift Store https://youtu.be/Fct0s8_H8AQ
104 10-Dec Grandparents https://youtu.be/Z1jOmYgdQY4
103 3-Dec Sleep Deprivation https://youtu.be/mNbrGIDWVd4
102 26-Nov Gratitude https://youtu.be/9HMemPywI3E
101 19-Nov Retail Therapy & Compulsive Shopping https://youtu.be/8a23dxwBVN8
100 12-Nov 100th Show https://youtu.be/L_wm9-qIeWc
99 5-Nov Knowing & Sharing Your Feelings https://youtu.be/1t_tRzC0zCY
98 29-Oct Trick or Treat Safety https://youtu.be/yLx5G0ejaDw
97 22-Oct Halloween and Spooky Things https://youtu.be/k_N9jBF0anI
96 15-Oct Bullying https://youtu.be/ItBBCUkANF0
95 8-Oct Tailgating for our Kids 2022 https://youtu.be/Ugp2uLT0Eqs
94 1-Oct Pets and Mental Wellness https://youtu.be/J93jI-p92wY
93 24-Sep Fareway Round-Up 2022 https://youtu.be/NFQcnB1VLAo
92 17-Sep Children and School Stress https://youtu.be/SlXEtcficHM
91 10-Sep Self Worth https://youtu.be/4vLDMBz924I
90 3-Sep Breathe Yoga Update https://youtu.be/lrGAoIDUCV4
89 27-Aug Random Acts of Kindness https://youtu.be/DkVBDZd70WI
88 20-Aug Benefits of Social Media https://youtu.be/wLv0Kvdp0Wk
87 13-Aug Preparing for New School Year https://youtu.be/cm_ZwlbJjbs
86 6-Aug Radio Job Fair https://youtu.be/CnNSOc-Lc3U
85 30-Jul Sports and Mental Wellness https://youtu.be/cvWDQ9UFhkk
84 23-Jul Family Vacations https://youtu.be/FpM99nr3W2Y
83 16-Jul Elderly Mental Health https://youtu.be/MjcDCLSARPk
82 9-Jul Community Grief https://youtu.be/jpb4Pk7mR-U
81 2-Jul PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) https://youtu.be/khhgNHFVMRU
80 25-Jun Being Non-Judgmental https://youtu.be/bdboi9ohoi8
79 18-Jun Personal Responsibility https://youtu.be/Tr8GdzXbwwo
78 11-Jun Parental Burnout https://youtu.be/OyJPizSNI7g
77 4-Jun Planning Summer Activities https://youtu.be/0Pk1LONFQss
76 28-May How to Talk to Your Kids About the News https://youtu.be/_fRstu4yK10
75 21-May Mental Wellness in Siouxland https://youtu.be/9ZcL5lfrbBw
74 14-May Together for Mental Health https://youtu.be/7Vn-Dl1q8CM
73 7-May Breathe Yoga Classes https://youtu.be/aFvpTMvx_xE
72 30-Apr Autism https://youtu.be/qigEBwYByFM
71 23-Apr Human Trafficking https://youtu.be/SgSxfXIfWD8
70 16-Apr Faith and Mental Health https://youtu.be/vN7eXvWvA7A
69 9-Apr MercyOne Senior Behavioral Health Care https://youtu.be/HSgDPSOaCcY
68 2-Apr Random Acts of Kindness https://youtu.be/EmuekOefexc
67 26-Mar How to Talk to Your Kids About the News https://youtu.be/1-ITcAjan-g
66 19-Mar Face Off for Charity 2022 https://youtu.be/Abok6soJ7fw
65 12-Mar Adolescent Mental Wellness - Coach/Player Perspective https://youtu.be/lEgEreZx0SY
64 5-Mar Celebrating Helpers https://youtu.be/Vi3jZ80sAn8
63 26-Feb Active Parenting https://youtu.be/XoffSdu99O8
62 19-Feb ADHD Across the Lifespan https://youtu.be/UsZJA5Xm3NI
61 12-Feb Single on Valentine's Day https://youtu.be/FnVE3wXqa_I
60 5-Feb How to Keep Your Valentine https://youtu.be/BC_fzyGGDMY
59 29-Jan What to expect when you come in for therapy https://youtu.be/yG6Ccc7eNuY
58 22-Jan Opportunities School https://youtu.be/Yqv2wRA6cxs
57 15-Jan STUFF Thriftique https://youtu.be/adBunLd7OUQ
56 8-Jan Access to Mental Health Care https://youtu.be/bZH_3bJM9Ys
55 1-Jan Mental Wellness Benefits of Yoga https://youtu.be/VvJS8uVXdbU
54 18-Dec Holiday Mental Wellness https://youtu.be/yRJ7nFfm0Y8
53 11-Dec Care Givers and Mental Wellness https://youtu.be/mbDPi-Zrqu0
52 4-Dec Law Enforcement and Mental Wellness https://youtu.be/MYF3yyhevHk
51 27-Nov Holiday Health and Mental Wellness https://youtu.be/oSWBwF4tgxA
50 20-Nov Gratitude https://youtu.be/oeG9uWGpM04
49 13-Nov Service Dogs and Mental Wellness https://youtu.be/_ECDrWnLpQ8
48 6-Nov Family Time https://youtu.be/5rCG_UnhRyk
47 30-Oct Trick or Treat Safety https://youtu.be/4C3VKrc5kvk
46 23-Oct Halloween and Spooky Things https://youtu.be/yWPzXYYSgg8
45 16-Oct Laughter and Mental Wellness https://youtu.be/mA-mjlvVwtQ
44 9-Oct Nutrition and Mental Wellness https://youtu.be/KFWjJ9Skt0o
43 2-Oct Juvenile Justice and Mental Wellness https://youtu.be/TA1kWt9BiU8
42 25-Sep Tailgating for our Kids 2021 https://youtu.be/PwI-cQmBOGk
41 18-Sep PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) https://youtu.be/BmO1T7ggSao
40 11-Sep Athletes and Mental Health https://youtu.be/PZKNECh3HZY
39 4-Sep Family Services Grand Opening https://youtu.be/XrB8MeqxXbg
38 28-Aug Family Services Clinical Staff: Meet Rosie https://youtu.be/RL9Ls5-HgX4
37 21-Aug Back to School Anxiety https://youtu.be/WdDMOs3H_JY
36 14-Aug Meet the Family Services Clinical Staff https://youtu.be/N9MFzzmAn2I
35 7-Aug Meet the Family Services Clinical Staff https://youtu.be/D6FHTtQVZJk
34 31-Jul Breathe: Yoga and Meditation https://youtu.be/pQD3UMX4dq4
33 24-Jul Going Off Grid https://youtu.be/U4T1Tcpg3cg
32 17-Jul Common Sleep Disorders https://youtu.be/UvDPnZ49oGI
31 10-Jul Summertime Blues https://youtu.be/ZaDiLTVQdUc
30 3-Jul PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) https://youtu.be/yRjkihEaXtE
29 26-Jun Anxiety and Re-Entry into the community https://youtu.be/vc6BTR6PW1M
28 19-Jun Dad’s Mental Wellness https://youtu.be/hvi_gbZ9rrM
27 12-Jun Mental Wellness and Sports Fans https://youtu.be/I_M5VDxT5jg
26 5-Jun Children’s Summer Activities https://youtu.be/KIBn38WBris
25 29-May Mental Health and Retirement https://youtu.be/ylUdcJ6Mq10
24 22-May Access to Mental Health Care https://youtu.be/rvWCf9pIO3U
23 15-May Getting Out of Negative Thinking Traps https://youtu.be/voJOsRarya8
22 8-May Mothers and Mental Health https://youtu.be/s31dtNU5xoo
21 1-May Grief https://youtu.be/Ana7Tg-CgGQ
20 24-Apr Family Services https://youtu.be/0ERY2zcUtQg
19 17-Apr Social Media and Children https://youtu.be/3Lbb4oxHgIE
18 10-Apr Coping and Healing from child abuse https://youtu.be/WBL0nSwoSQ8
17 3-Apr Parenting https://youtu.be/lp2AObSbeuk
16 27-Mar Loved One with Mental Health https://youtu.be/J8RHvouzsY4
15 20-Mar Communications https://youtu.be/8E4Blyp1yRY
14 13-Mar Stress https://youtu.be/tsgRf7QeMd8
13 6-Mar Grandparents Parenting https://youtu.be/2OI3sr2N0gw
12 27-Feb What to Expect at Your First Therapy Appointment https://youtu.be/gNG_VVqNvi8
11 20-Feb Faith and Mental Health https://youtu.be/C4f9a97WV0E
10 13-Feb How to know if your child needs therapy https://youtu.be/MQ0FmvaZ07k
9 6-Feb Parenting Your Parent https://youtu.be/zCwzwSQnMKI
8 30-Jan Change https://youtu.be/YAAYyDcJGOM
7 23-Jan Healthy Boundaries https://youtu.be/YAAYyDcJGOM
6 16-Jan Elderly and Loneliness https://youtu.be/65qN6KMSXpY
5 9-Jan Routines and Resolutions https://youtu.be/yMYfP88XXws
4 2-Jan Holiday Depression https://youtu.be/ffH-KYbmC2Q
3 26-Dec Play Therapy https://youtu.be/fHDbQJh9hH8
2 19-Dec Holiday Mental Wellness https://youtu.be/vGWE89cCUT4
1 13-Dec Covid Impact on Mental Wellness https://youtu.be/NizsHrbHUkQ

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