Therapeutic Aggression Control Techniques (TACT2)

Therapeutic Aggression Control Techniques (TACT2) is a 3-day staff training program created by Dr. Steve Parese. TACT2 trains your staff in cutting-edge behavior management techniques and crisis intervention. Using clearly communicated concepts, thought-provoking exercises, and realistic examples, TACT2 helps staff develop skills to manage misbehaviors while enhancing relationships with troubled children and youth.

No single explanation or intervention can possibly fit every problem situation:

The first day of TACT2 teaches staff to distinguish between deliberate, purposeful aggression, and true emotional crisis. Then, because our own anger can easily escalate problems, TACT2 also leads staff to awareness of anger traps, offering specific strategies for staying professional in tense moments.

The second day of TACT2 provides instruction and practice with practical management skills. Staff will learn to use behavioral correction when problems appear to be deliberate; and de-escalation/counseling when issues stem from emotional sources.

Finally, the third day of TACT2 teaches safe and effective physical management techniques (self-protection, holds, escorts, and non-prone take-downs) for handling immediately dangerous situations with out-of-control kids.

Fourth Day (for Training of Trainers) will reinforce physical management techniques learned the day before, and provides an opportunity for those training as trainers to learn teaching tips and practice leading the skills to prepare you to competently lead your own TACT2 training classes for staff in your organization.

TACT2 Training of Trainers 2017 Dates:
September 11-14, Training of Trainers, Sioux City, IA
September 15, Trainer Re-certification, Sioux City, IA

Boys and Girls Home and Family Services, Inc. is an authorized National Training Center for TACT2, program and materials created by Dr. Steve Parese. For more details about the curriculum, visit

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Therapeutic Behavior Management for Schools

TBM/Schools is a 1-day course in crisis prevention/verbal intervention skills for the staff of today’s elementary, middle, and high schools. TBM/Schools has been redesigned in response to our nation's renewed focus on school safety, providing high quality training with a minimal investment of time.

Part 1 of the TBM/Schools course begins by helping staff separate deliberate misbehavior from true emotional crisis.
Part 2 offers emotional crisis de-escalation strategies.
Part 3 follows with management strategies for deliberate behaviors.

The course closes with verbal skills for handling dangerous situations, and a written test of knowledge. The TBM program also offers an optional second day in physical holds and escorts for security staff.

Therapeutic Behavior Management for Foster Care

TBM/FosterCare applies the concepts of TACT2 and TBM to home settings, specifically designed for foster care parents. It is an 8-hour course which can be taught in a single day, in two half-days, or in four 2-hour sessions.

TBM/FosterCare is highly practical and story-driven.

Part 1 helps foster parents stay professional, separating deliberate misbehavior from true emotional crisis, and recognizing their own anger traps.
Part 2 offers strategies for effective behavior management.
Part 3 shares valuable insights into emotional crisis, (including childhood trauma).
Part 4 teaches specific de-escalation and listening strategies.

To provide agencies with accountability, TBM/FosterCare closes with a written test of knowledge. TBM/FosterCare also offers optional training in self-protection and standing holds if needed.

Therapeutic Behavior Management for People with Developmental Disabilities

TBM/DD brings the most applicable skills and insights of TACT2 to settings serving older youth and adults with developmental disabilities. The 8-hour verbal course can be taught in a single day or in short sessions. An additional 6-8 hour day is required for physical intervention skills.

Developed with guidance from agencies serving individuals with developmental disabilities, TBM/DD is sensitive to the differences between managing children and managing adults.

Part 1 helps providers distinguish between deliberate behavior and genuine emotional crisis, with a special focus on recognizing anger traps and remaining professional.
Part 2 offers strategies for preventing and managing deliberate behaviors.
Part 3 develops a deeper understanding of power struggles and escalating emotional crises.
Part 4 teaches de-escalation strategies appropriate to this population.

As with all our programs, TBM/DD closes with a written test of knowledge. TBM/DD also offers optional training in self-protection, holds, and full restraints, if needed.

Getting Staff Trained in TBM/FosterCare, TBM/Schools or TBM/DD

You may contract with Marit Westrich to deliver 1-day TBM trainings to your foster parents or staff. If you prefer, any of your currently certified TACT2 or TBM trainers may be cross-trained to deliver the TBM/FosterCare and/or TBM/DD versions for a fee of just $150/person/program, including materials. (New trainers may be certified in the Foster Care, School or DD versions by attending any TACT2 or TBM training for new trainers.)

For more information or registration contact:
Marit Westrich
TACT2 Master Trainer