I'm alive because of Boys and Girls Home.- Male, age 16

Boys and Girls Home has been a vital component in the education of our at-risk student population. I have visited the facility and witnessed the instructional practices firsthand, including evidence based strategies and collaborative approaches to achieve students' educational goals. I'm extremely pleased with the effectiveness of this agency's programming. -Superintendent of Schools, Kingsley Pierson

My stay at Boys and Girls Home and Family Services has been a life changing experience. I learned how to cope with and live through life's curveballs. I even learned how to trust people and to appreciate the person I am. Boys and Girls Home really does change lives. I am proof. -Female, age 17

As an attorney who devotes a large part of my practice to Family Law, I am consistently impressed with Boys and Girls Home's communication, experience and resources. -Family Law Attorney in Sioux City

I have my daughter back thanks to Boys and Girls Home and Family Services. -Parent

Thank you for helping me be safe and helping me feel good about myself.- Boy, age 12

Thank you for helping me have better family interactions, to find good coping skills, and helping me calm down. -Girl, age 15

If we had not gotten the help, I think my son would have been lost. It has been a slow process, but I am seeing changes in both of us along with improvement in our family life. -Parent