Ginny Peterson Behavioral Health Campus

Currently located at 2101 Court Street, Boys and Girls Home is challenged by the age, size and condition of its current facility. Plans have been developed and work is underway for a $8,500,000 capital campaign to relocate the agency to 1551 Indian Hills Drive. This move will positively impact the agency's ability to provide life changing services, contain costs, address the stigma associated with utilizing mental health services, engage community partnerships for the benefit of clients and support new business development.

Summary of Improvements

  • Support the ability to serve greater numbers of children, adolescents and adults, stabilizing lives and strengthening communities.
  • Address the stigma associated with the use of mental health services by operating an "open community" campus.
  • Expand educational programming to improve truancy, drop out and graduation rates.
  • Relocate residential living units to a tranquil, less cloistered environment while providing home-like, clinically designed living spaces.
  • Add real life, on-site vocational experiences to the Agency's Opportunities School.
  • Engage community partnerships, stabilizing funding and offering training opportunities for the benefit of residential youth.

Opportunities School

  • Providing individualized educational services to children 5-18
  • 124 students served in 2018
  • Covering 25,600 square feet
  • 10 Classrooms
  • Recreation/Conference Center
  • Library/Media Room
  • Auditorium

Family Services

  • Providing outpatient counseling services for individuals of all ages
  • 518 Group Therapy Sessions and 6,271 hours of individual and/or Family Sessions in 2018
  • Covering 34,400 square feet in a two story building
  • 10 MSW Therapist offices
  • Play Therapy Room
  • Art/Sand Therapy Room
  • Administrative and Support Services

Residential Treatment

  • Living quarters for children ages 7-18
  • 87 children in residence in 2018
  • Covering 23,100 square feet
  • Unit recreation area
  • Residential staff offices (Therapists, Nurses, Unit Directors)